Creator of KS Limelight

KlearSky Solutions ( is a software solutions company that provides both custom products and technology consulting to the arts and entertainment industry. We are committed to providing the technology tools, training and services that enable your employees to improve their communication, management and productivity.

At KlearSky we understand you are not a technology company, and your production and artistic management systems should enable your business to run smoothly and efficiently, and not interfere with your organization’s mission. Our innovative products and superior service allow your employees to focus on what’s important, the artistic vision of the production.

Mission Statement
At KlearSky our mission is to assist organizations with modernizing their operation while maintaining the integrity of the artistic process, product and vision.

The KlearSky Advantage
With experience and expertise unmatched in the industry, KlearSky is uniquely positioned to integrate the diverse requirements of a broad range of entertainment industry professionals delivering comprehensive production and artistic management technology solutions. KlearSky is tailor-made to meet the demands of virtually any organization within the arts and entertainment industry.